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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  February 5, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PST

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hit-and-run crash that injured a mother and her two children. plus you are dealing with some of the worst traffic jams in the country but things may get worse. stay right here with us. hello?
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>> reporter: and arrest -- an arrest has been made in a hit- and-run crash in pittsburg last night. we'll tell you how police were able to track down the accused killer. america's growing debate over gun control is now taking center stage in one bay area city. this could be a big day in the battle over marijuana. what's happening in washington, d.c. and here at home. >> reporter: more than $800 out of your pocket in one year all because of traffic. we'll tell you how the bay area ranked when it came to the country's most congested cities. "mornings on 2" starts now. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, february 5th. we begin with developing news from the east bay.
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we've just gotten word that police have made an arrest in a -- in a hit-and-run accident that injured a mother and her two children that happened last night on crestview in pittsburg. alex savidge is live from the crash scene with the photo we just received from the suspect. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. yes, police tracked down the man they say was driving the car that hit this woman and two kids. they were hit right here in this crosswalk last night. police found that car a short distance april way-- away. i want to he show you the mugshot. this is 24-year-old noe delgado. he was arrested shortly after this accident that happened about 6:00 last night. he was taken into custody being booked on felony hit-and-run charges. pittsburg police believe he was the person who slammed his car into a mother and her two kids. we just got an update on those victims. the mother 29 years old.
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one of the children, a 7-year- old girl, the other child, a 1- year-old boy, the 1-year-old boy was in a stroller. the little girl was her bike last night when they were all struck. now, i was just told by police that their injuries are not considered life-threatening. and, of course, we are getting reaction as well here from people in this neighborhood due to the fact that someone was taken into custody. one man i just talked to said he's glad police have made an arrest. >> it's good. it's good. maybe people will be aware that they need to slow down around this area. i live around the corner. i walk this trail myself. you have to run sometimes to get across. >> reporter: neighbors have been telling us all morning long and last night here at this scene that this is a very dangerous street. cars go very fast, they say. it's also not very well lit. that's why it tends to be very dangerous to get across crestview drive. as we come out here live, this
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mother and two kids were in the crosswalk last night when they were hit. their injuries are not considered life-threatening according to a lieutenant i just spoke with. he told me those kids were just released from the hospital. the mother still being treated this morning and again one person in custody for this hit- and-run crash in pittsburg. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alex. 7:03. a search for a missing santa cruz county woman has apparently come to an end after authorities recovered a woman's body from the san lorenzo river. but investigators have not yet confirmed if the body is of that guadalupe cortez. deputies last seen sheep was swimming in the river sunday afternoon with two men. a water search was launched yesterday after one of the men reported her missing. authorities are not commenting on a cause of death. an autopsy is planned this week. police in san jose have released a sketch of the man they say beat a 74-year-old woman during a home invasion last week. take a good look at this drawing.
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he's described as a latino man, about 6 feet tall with a thin build and light complexion. the attack happened at 2:00 a.m. on maroney drive in east san jose. police say a woman and her daughter were attacked before the suspect ransacked their home. 7:04. well, expect the medical marijuana debate here in california to really heat up. today, the california supreme court is scheduled to hear arguments on whether local governments can ban retail pot dispensaries despite california's voter approved law legalizing pot for medical use. supporters say state law allows local governments to set limits on dispensaries but not ban them. congress appears to be working on possible changes to the federal marijuana laws. coming up for you at 7:16, the legislation some lawmakers have been quietly working on that will be introduced today. 7:04. san francisco has some of the worse traffic in the nation. it may be getting worse.
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ktvu channel 2 reporter, tara moriarty, joins us live to let us know how much time drivers spend behind the wheel and why the gridlock is costing so much money. >> reporter: good morning. ever since 5:30 this morning, the traffic has been stop and go. a clear point the new study is trying to make, the bay area is one of the most congested cities in america. the new study by the texas transportation institute shows that in 2011, americans allowed for an hour of driving time for a trip that would normally only take 20 minutes with no traffic. the cities that topped the list, the washington, d.c./northern virginia area came in number one. followed by los angeles, san francisco, new york, boston, houston, atlanta, chicago, philadelphia and seattle. so los angeles, still worse off than we were. the study found that commuters
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spent 5-- 5.5 billion extra hours on the road and bought 3 billion gallons of gas and that breaks down to 800 hours wasted. experts say this is a direct result that the economy is rebounding. good news there. the city that has the least congestion, pensacola, florida. that takes only a measly nine minutes to get to where you need to go. >> tara, thank you for the toss. i will take it from here. traffic is moving along in some areas not so well, you know the drill. even though this is a 15 to 20- minute delay, i would still say it's a good excuse there are no
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problems on that span. so the total time you are looking at to get into san francisco, live time traffic 30 plus minutes. not that bad for the entire thing. trying to get up to the bay bridge in oakland, there was a crash 880 in san leandro. that's been cleared. very slow. that's also affecting the castro valley commute. if you want to use an alternate, i would say 580 all the way out to 980. it's. right now it's still pretty good. if you are going slow, i would say that's a decent alternate for you. the south bay commute still looks good. it has not become quite as heavy as it can be. you can see for yourself. 280 is looking good through downtown san jose. let's go to steve. mostly cloudy out there. local clouds. kind of lift a little bit over 900, 1,000 feet. probably no drizzle. and then some higher clouds coming in from a weak system. the combination of the two, gonna give us the mostly cloudy
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day. 50s on the highs. i think we'll get a break tomorrow in advance of the system that will be here thursday. but turning colder, colder on friday. just so you know, it will be a shock to the system here. it will go from a foggy summertime pattern, a lot of low clouds and fog. that may give us sprinkles and very light showers. i doubt much will happen. mainly a lot of cloud cover. it's really ramped up the fog bank. that means temperatures are gonna stay on the cool side. low clouds, local drizzle. and then this afternoon, the combination of low a and -- low and high clouds. 40s on the temperatures. a couple of 30s to the north. 40s to 50. 49 half moon bay. but with the toking in place, it might even -- with the fog in place, it might feel colder. one system doesn't make it. but this next one that's the one coming out of gulf of alaska. it looks like it will on thursday. today, a lot of clouds.
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a mostly cloudy day. first of low clouds and then a westerly breeze from the city. the golden gate all other all -- all over. 50s on the temperature temperatures. 55 oakland. 54 martinez. berkeley, crockett, rodeo, everybody in there. 56 saratoga. gilroy went 60. 53 pacifica. daly city in san francisco. san bruno, westlake, 54, kind of a cool pattern. mostly sunny, i think pog on wednesday. friday the cold air comes plunging in. that will take us through wednesday. in alabama, a young boy is back with his mother after being held hostage for almost a week. his captor is dead. our reporter is in alabama to explain why the investigators
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say their work is far from over. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this young boy was being held captive underground for several days with if you developments and then in last few days, police saw the captor had a gun and notice heed was becoming -- noticed he was becoming extra agitated. this is the 4-year-old, ethan, who was reunited with his family. >> he's a remarkable little fellow. >> reporter: authorities rescued the boy from an undergouge bunker in midland city, alabama where he was held hostage for nearly a week. >> he's laughing, joking, playing. >> reporter: negotiations broke down monday afternoon. investigators say dykes took the young hostage off a school bus last tuesday after killing the bus driver. dykes was believed to be armed inside his bunker.
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fearing for ethan's safety, authorities stormed the retreat. >> i heard a big boom and i -- i believe i heard a round of shots. >> reporter: how loud of a boom? >> oh, yeah. it made me jump off the ground. >> reporter: officials are not releasing many details on the raid but say dyke was shot and killed. investigators have many days of work ahead of him. the little boy at the center of the rescue has a long road ahead of him. >> what we have to do for this little boy is keep things as normal as possible, his favorite games, movies. try to keep an anchor in the before. >> reporter: police are at the crime scene this morning, processing the crime scene and really -- we are not expected to get many details inle that tess -- until that's finished. ethan has a very big day tomorrow. it's his 6th birthday.
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no doubt his family has a lot to celebrate. reporting live from midland city, alabama, back to you. >> thank you. a market street makeover. the big plans in san francisco and what will move over from mission street to improve the traffic flow. the plan to improve safety at the american embassies and how the billion-dollar price tag would be paid.
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mostly cloudy out there. clouds being helped along by a cold front. highs in the 50s. this is new video out of turkey. these are u.s. patriot missile batteries. turkey asked nato for the anti- aircraft system to help defend
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itself during the civil war in neighboring syria. 400 u.s. troops are assigned to the patriot missile. in a 16-page u.s. justice department report attorneys for the obama administration write it would be lawful to kill a u.s. citizen if a lie-level government official decides the target is a member of al qaeda who also poses a threat to the u.s. it's the most detailed analysis yet to be made public regarding the obama legal team's views about the lawfulness of killing an american citizen without a trial. a new report claims more than 50 nations were involved in torturing terrorism suspects in the years following the 911 attacks. that report was released today by the open society justice initiative. it's a human rights organization. the report says 54 nations hosted cia locations where prisoners faced harsh interrogation methods, including torture. those nations, according to the
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report, included egypt, libya and syria. well, a bill to improve securities at american embassies overseas has passed the senate. it's now headed to the house. the measure comes after embassy chris stevens -- ambassador chris stevens and three other citizens in killed in libya. a suicide bomber killed a guard an injured a journalist at the embassy in turkey last friday. we're just hours away from hearing more details on lawmakers' plans to revamp federal american laws. kyla campbell is in our washington, d.c. newsroom where you just heard from the top u.s. drug official. morning, kyla? >> reporter: yeah, the federal government does not focus resources on arresting marijuana users, i'm told. in fact, just .1% of state
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prison inmates nationwide are there on possession only charges. this news could help the two lawmakers proposing changes to federal american laws today. the democrats from colorado and oregon are introducing two bills at 2:00 p.m. pacific. one would treat-mile-an-hour like alcohol and create a federal tax. the other end would end federal marijuana prohib his and let the states -- prohibition and let the states set their own policies and the growers would have to obtain a permit and it would be illegal to take marijuana to a state where it's illegal. i just wrapped up an interview with one of the group's members. we'll hear from him when i see you next. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:17. a director is reportedly eyeing the town of ridgefield, connecticut to make a film related to the sandy hook school masser is. richfield is about 20 miles --
7:20 am
massacre. litchfield is about 20 miles away -- richfield is about 20 miles away from sandy hook. this has upset a lot of richfield residents. town officials say they would reject filming permits for the project. but so far, the director has not contacted them. five firefighters are in the hospital in baltimore. they were hurt last night battling this huge fire at a lumber company. witnesses say the firefighters were trying to evacuate the building when it collapsed trapping those five firefighters. this morning, all of them are listed in stable condition. they are expected to survive. still no word on how that big fire started. also new this morning, from florida, we just learned that a judge denied the request for a delay in the trial of the man who is accused of killing trayvon martin. george zimmerman, there in the middle, was in court just a short time ago. he faces second-degree murder charges in connection with the
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trayvon martin death. his lawyers want a delay for the trial. we just found out a judge denied that request. today would have been trayvon martin's 18th birthday. a prayer vigil was held a little while ago in his memory. also later today an event called banding together for peace against gun violence will be held. 7:19. a plan to redevelop san francisco's market street could affect mission street as well. officials are considering a plan to ban buses on mission street and move them to market instead. officials say moving buses from mission to market would create a faster commute for bus drivers and improve safety for cyclists. the $350 million better market street project is intended to make san francisco's main street a transit corridor and more attractive to pedestrians and tourists. bay area visitors to kauai
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i can save a dog -- kauai can save a dog's life for adoption. alaska airlineses will bring them here -- airlines will bring the dogs here if the new owner is there. dense fog, patches of it. look out our window. a live picture. up next, steve paulson will pinpoint when we may see some rain. also, barry bonds will go before three federal judges in court soon. the unusual link that connects those judges. >> reporter: if you arive doing on highway 4, it's looking good here in -- in you are driving on highway 4, it's looking good. we'll tell you about a new traffic trouble spot. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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san francisco's two championship teams will battle it out on the links at pebble beach. the 49ers and giants will compete in the charity golf event ahead of this week's at&t pro am golf championship. no current 49ers will play since the team just got back from the super bowl. but the 9ers will be represented by brent jones, dwight clark and harris barton, foamer players. barry bonds appears in court. he's fighting his conviction on obstruction of justice charges. a jury concluded ed gave misleading answers to the grand jury investigating his alleged steroid use. three federal judges will peer bonds' appeal. time now, 7:23. new pictures of the dramatic collision in san rafael between
7:26 am
two trucks. reportedly, the driver of the red dodge pickup truck ran a red light yesterday before this collision at fifth avenue and hetherington street. the marin journal says both trucks smashed through her chain-link fence and ended up in the canal. they ended up in a ditch. they didn't go in the water, though. one driver had minor injuries. believe it or not, the other driver was not hurt at all. let's check in with sal. apparently there's a trouble spot. >> that's right. we have a crash on 880 in san leandro between 238 and marina, right where i put that arrow there. this crash is really messing things up on 238 and also northbound 880. but i want to show you a live picture of what it is doing to southbound 880. you -- you can see 880, it's just a mess because of this
7:27 am
crash in san leandro. if you are trying to get to the san mateo bridge or drive down to 580238, right now it's not -- 580, 238, right now it's not a good thing to do. don't use 880. let's take a look at the bay bridge. that's a typical delay of about 15, 20 minutes at the toll plaza getting into the city. 7:25. let's go to steve. all right, sal. thank you. a very good cloudy morning. low clouds and then some higher clouds um canning in. so the com-- coming in. so the combane nation of the two, low clouds made it way, way inland. did have some 60s yesterday. kind of like a minor league summer pattern. 65 in livermore, not today. 58. 56. napa, 61. gilroy, 63. i did keep one 60 in there. santa cruz, 63. we'll go 57. there is a lot of fog out there. the system coming in is literally falling apart but it will spread in higher clouds and makes it tough to burn off some of that low cloud deck. that system don't too much.
7:28 am
but the one system looks like it will make it for thursday and then some cold air alives -- arrives on friday. tuesday morning, low clouds. by the afternoon, partly sunny. there could be a couple of little low 60s. extended outlook always has your weekend in view. rain comes in thursday and friday. not a lot but that cold air is here friday and that takes us into saturday. president obama focuses on immigration reform. the two very different groups that will meet with the president at the white house. >> reporter: we're live in los gatos where there's been an explosive debate over gun control and this gun store. we'll tell you what's prompted the -- what this has. proked the town to do. >> -- what this has prompted the town to do. >> reporter: and we're live at the 49ers camp. we'll tell you what the team
7:29 am
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7:29. with recent talks of gun violence, the town of los gatos had it its own debate over guns last night. ktvu's janine de la vega is live outside of templar sports with more. >> reporter: good morning, tori. templar sports is located on university avenue. it's in a mix of sort of
7:32 am
residence and an industrial area. it's also just down the street from some schools and oak meadow park. well, the town council is looking whether to limit where they put future firearm retailers and where they are allowed to set up shops. this is video of a prior town meeting regarding templar sports. people are outraged that there was no public review prior to the opening last december. they are also concerned about the proximity to schools. right now, los gatos doesn't have any restrictions. it just follows state and federal laws. now the town council is debating whether to tighten the policy on the sale of firearms. require a conditional sale permit and whether or not to designate what land in los gatos is appropriate for selling guns? we spoke to one woman who believes in the right to bear arms but is glad the town is discussing the issue.
7:33 am
>> i do think it's worth it, yes. >> reporter: ba us? >> -- because? >> because we live in a society where things are changing all of the time. changes are sometimes good. sometimes they are not. >> reporter: this is youtube video of inside templar sports. the managers are concerned over the future of their business. it took them a year to get regulatory permits. it insists on the website that it was not fast tracked. now, the lawyer for templar sports is closing watching how the town council proceeds. here is a letter that the attorney for templar sports submitted to the town county. in it, the lawyer offers in it to dispel rumors that templar is a detriment to the community. as far as we can read, anything the town council decides would
7:34 am
not shut shep down. they would put policy -- shut them down. they would put policy toward the future of sale or if they wanted to expand services. we reached out to the town manager as well as the attorney for templar sports but have not heard back yet. back to you. northern california police are looking for more possible abuse victims after teenaged students at an exclusive basketball academy claim they were abu us -- abused. four students went to the police. they say they were forced to kind in a corner -- stand in a corner, were restrained with zip ties and had clothes pins clamped to their nipples as pushment. the academy president was arrested and released on $100,000 bail. he told reporters he's not guilty. >> i think the police are -- have to do what they have to do when allegations are made.
7:35 am
you know, a lot of people didn't read the fine print that it's suspicion of child abuse. >> reporter: the studenting accusing him of abuse were about to be dispelled. at least three of the students lived in that house. in brentwood, some parents and teachers want major reforms in the brentwood union school district. they've established a facebook page urging support for their petition to remove the superintendent, grant. parents and teachers say the district took too long to fire a special ed teacher convicted of child abuse for kicking a special eds need student. their quest for a sixth super bowl ring came up just a few yards short. 49ers are now getting ready to clear out their lockers and look ahead to next season. brian flores joins us live from
7:36 am
the team headquarters in santa clara. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning. no question, just an amazing season from the niners. they exciting to see them play. as i stand here in front of this behemoth of a stadium that the 49ers will be playing in, no question the team has a bright future ahead, but still unanswered questions as the team goes no the offseason. the team arrived yesterday at mineta san jose yesterday to tons of adoring fans. they will arrive here roughly at 9:00 to clear out lockers and hold one team meeting with the coach. there will be a press conference scheduled around 11:00. the team doing well. alex smith, he gets injured in week nine and then incompetent will, this relatively unknown -- and then colin kaepernick, this relatively unknown quarterback, he leads them into the super bowl where they were just yards away from inwithing the whole thing.
7:37 am
a lot of questions. the players will be spending time in the offseason. what will the team look like next year? particularly with alex smith being done. we'll see it. it should be a very interesting offseason. a lot of things going on as the team clears out their locker rooms. another press conference scheduled at 11:00. hopefully, a couple of players will show up early and we'll get some last-minute thoughts as they head into the offseason. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. and jed york is quick to acknowledge san francisco's loyal fans. he sent out a tweet that said -- , time now, 7:35. let's get you moving this morning. sal, you are keeping an eye on the toll plaza, right? >> that's right because it's getting a little more crowded.
7:38 am
westbound coming in. the drive time is up a little bit from last time we've spoke. it's only been ten minutes but the drive time is up to about 25 minutes now. this really is the peak of the commute. if you do have a little bit of time to wait it out, i know it's that's -- i know that's impossible for some. if you can adjust your schedule after 8:00, it might be a little better for you. once you get on the bridge, it's about a ten -- about a ten- minute drive. let's move along and take a look at the commute on 880 southbound. it's improving after an earlier crash heading south. there was a crash northbound and southbound in the san leandro area. i'm gonna put that on the map to show you that 880 still slow because of the crash. 580 is your good alternate route if you whattent to head out to dublin -- if -- if you want to head out to dublin. the commute time is now almost
7:39 am
double than what we showed you last hour. >> that's not good. no. >> no. a pretty good fog bank -- it's only february. but the where the temperatures have really cooled off. mostly cloudy. there will be a couple of sun breaks here. partly sunny, partly cloudy. we get more of a westerly breeze system there right there, falling apart. it is pushing in the lower clouds. that's not right. that 37. it's in the 40s for almost everybody here. close to 40. we have one system falling apart. it will keep a lot of clouds coming in. that system looks like it will make it for thursday. more in the way of cold air. low clouds, could be a little bit of local mist or drizzle but probably not. but the cloud deck seems to be high. it will be a little bit on the cool side. a lot of 50s to a couple of low 60s under mostly cloudy skies. a couple of almost breaks in
7:40 am
there. a little bit more sun on wednesday. increasing clouds on thursday. it looks like rain makes it. then the really cold air, at least compared to where we've been drives in on friday, takes us into saturday. a little warmer on sunday. >> 7:38. this morning, president obama is hosting two very different groups of people at the white house to talk about immigration reform. political reporter jamie dupree joins us via skype from washington, d.c. there are certainly a lot of people on the guest list for these meetings today. >> reporter: yeah, there is a lot of action going on in washington, d.c. on immigration reform. you not only have meetings at the white house involving immigration activists and business leaders, down here, we've just started hearing on the house of representatives on immigration reform. we also heard this morning from speaker john boehner who was asked about immigration. he says he's still urging both sides and both parties to work together to come up with a
7:41 am
deal. a lot of work, a lot of evidence of momentum on this but still, tori, no legislative language, no bill, no timetable on when we'll vote on something. but certainly the white house trying to do this. >> the president said he's gonna explain how the immigration plan fits into his broader economic agenda because it could play a role with the country and its economic recovery. >> reporter: certainly, a lot of people help it could spar growth. the hearings are not only looking forward as you talk about that issue and on the to -- the path to citizenship and the immigration reform approved by president reagan. a lot of republicans point back and say that a loy you -- that allowed a lot of people to become u.s. citizens. but also promised was much
7:42 am
tougher border measures and a tougher crackdown on those still hiring illegal workers. the republicans say those two things didn't occur and they don't want to accept the same type of deal this time around. >> so the president is meeting with two separate groups. the labor leaders and ceo. i have to mention one of the ceos is marissa meyer from here in the bay area. you think he will be getting two different messages? >> reporter: they are looking for different things. this is the interesting part about the debate. the republican party is not just a sort of block that's against the idea. you have big business. you have large companies like you mentioned, google and others, who would like to bring in more people on certain guest worker kind of visas. you have other big business interests like the farm community, agricultural interest in the state. and then you have -- you put those two together, big business, chamber of commerce
7:43 am
and ag, those are some pretty big constitch whenties offered -- constituencies. that's why you see the administration working to get all of those people together. it's also a reminder on how many different things can be in an immigration reform bill. it's not just the path for citizenship here illegally. >> if you can look in your crystal ball, you said there's no time frame but any guys when we might get some comprehencive immigration -- any guess when we might get some comprehensive immigration reform. >> reporter: well, we'll have to see when the senate judiciary committee starts a bill and then it will take multiple weeks on the floor of the senate. i would be surprised if we have action by summertime.
7:44 am
a lot of it will he depend on the republicans and the house of representatives. just because the democrats want a bill doesn't mean it will get through the congress. >> thank you. you can find a link to jamie dupree's washington, d.c. inviter -- insider blog. pull down the news tab bar at our website for more information. 68% of eligible non- mexicans and imgrants have become citizens. only 36% of eligible mexicans have. the report says reasons given for the mexican immigrants for not applying, include lack of english language skills, not having the $680 -- having the $680 application fee and not passing the census test. there's a proposal to a
7:45 am
change in the census in creating an hispanic race category. latino advocates say that category would be an accurate and -- would be inaccurate and inadd quit. congress will have to -- inned a quit. lightning -- inadequate. congress will have more on this when they approve wording on these forms. a new report reveals why there were concerns about power issues at the superdome months before the game. and the dream limier jet may be a step closer to resuming flights. flight-- and the dreamliner meat may be a step closer to resuming flights. well, well, well.
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a spike in home prices, strong earnings reports from kelloggs and good news from europe brought the stock market up. taking a live look at the big board, the dow back up close to 14,000. it was above it a short time ago. it's at 13,995. the nasdaq, up 18. s&p, up 13. personal computermaker dell is about to go private in the biggest deal of its kind since the financial crisis started. the complex agreement lets dell's management attempt to turn around the slurping pcmaker away from the financial pressures of wall street. michael dell will remain ceo. microsoft is investing $2 billion which could hurt its relationship with hewlett- packard. trying to get california businesses to move out of state. ktvu's pam cook is in our
7:49 am
newsroom with more. >> well, texas governor, rick perry is known for visiting other states, including california, to try to lure them into moving businesses and to moving to the lone star state. he's launched a big radio campaign that hits the airwaves from san diego to sacramento. >> building a business is tough. but i hear building a business in california is next to impossible. this is texas governor rick perry and i have a message for california businesses. come check out texas. >> california governor jerry brown responded from a business event in los angeles and says "do you think a few tricks from a politician is going to make any difference? " he told the "bee" that people invest their money where these things have occurred. the climb, structures, opportunity is right here on the pacific rim. now, governor perry points out that texas does not have personal or corporate state tax
7:50 am
while california pays 8% in those taxes. however, the chief economist at lola minda talks about how texas outtaxes california. texas has a higher sales tax. in our next hour of "mornings on 2," what economists are saying is suffering because of texas tax structure and its spending record. i'm pam cook, back to dave and tori. it's the end of the road for drake's bay oyster farm in marin county. the government is evicting them from their long-time home from the seashore. yesterday, a judge denied the request to overturn the eviction and refused to allow the company to operate while the lawsuit is heard. ken salazar ordered the oyster farm to be evicted saying the land should be returned to wilderness status and the owner must leave by march 15th. about that power outage at
7:51 am
the super bowl, public records now show superdome officials were concerned about this -- about this before the game. tests performed on the electrical feeders already showed decay and a chance of failure. the nfl says the power outage does not hurt new orleans' chances of hosting super bowls in the future. well, the 49ers did not win the super bowl but there is a consolation prize for you fans. >> congratulation, san francisco! you might not be getting a trophy but you will be getting a cup of jell-o pudding. >> that's right. 9er fans can get a free chocolate pudding from jell-o today. first giveaway is happening now at sutter and sampson. that's until 9:00. the jell-o will be given out at
7:52 am
the civic center b.a.r.t. station and at the chinatown gate at 9:30 on grant avenue. pudding little available on broadway and columbus and at lombard and hyde at 12:13 this afternoon. ten minutes before 8:00. this morning, japan's transport safety board reports the battery problem on a boeing 787 that had to make an emergency landing was the same type of battery problem that happened on a jet in boston. boeing is asking the faa for permission to create test flights to see if they can re- creating the -- re-create the conditions. the faa is considering it. california drivers are paying almost 30 cents more for gas than they did three weeks ago. prices are nearly 3.90. crude oil prices are near $100 a barrel and some refineries are starting to convert production to cleaner summer
7:53 am
blend gas. that transition could lead to decreases in the short-term supply. have to pay up a little bit at the pump. >> all right. senator john mccain accused of posting a racist tweet. what he said about a monkey sent into space from iran. and a bumpy road for people in east oakland. the fight they are facing with the city and it's coming at a high cost.
7:54 am
7:55 am
some people are accusing senator mccain of being a racist comparing mahmoud ahmadinejad to a monkey. the tweet says so mahmoud ahmadinejad wants to be first iranian in space. wasn't he there last week? his tweet followed reports that mahmoud ahmadinejad volunteered limb self for a manned spaceflight after iran claimed
7:56 am
it successfully sent a monkey into space. among those taking offense at mccain's tweet was a republican congressman from michigan of palestinian decent. mccain sent a tweet later saying it was a joke and telling his followers to lighten up. some question the claim that iran sent the monkey in space and back. iran showed off the monkey before and after it blasted off aboard a rocket. now the state department says the photos taken before and after the launch are look very different. iranian officials say someone accidentally released an old photo of a different monkey. 7:54. a lot of drivers in east oakland are fed up with all of the potholes and the expensive car repairs in replacing tires. they say it's because of those out there at 82nd and bird street. neighbors say they've been filling in and repairing black
7:57 am
top but it's just not enough. joseph heyman has been living in the neighborhood for seven years and says he's replaced two tires. >> they did patch. pg&e came out and cleaned up some routes with the sewer but they haven't completely repaired the streets. >> the city of oakland holds a yearly pothole blitz. they repair thousands of potholes. we did call to find out what's being done. so far, we haven't had a fall -- a call back. let's check in with sal. >> if you are trying to get into sunnyvale or share, 237, a little bit slow. it's slow on the nimitz freeway and also slow on 237 trying to get over to 101. a lot of people make that long drive. when there is a lot of traffic it's double or triple the traffic. in you arive doing on -- if you are driving on 880, the freeway is slow. the traffic here is slow from
7:58 am
238 to mowry avenue. at the bay bridge toll plaza, this morning we're looking at about a 15-minute delay before you make it on the span. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. mostly cloudy. a couple of sunbreaks. low clouds, higher clouds moving in. it will be a mostly cloudy day but i think it will be enough to kind of max out some of that low cloud deck. had some 60s yesterday. livermore, 65. today, it will be mainly in the 50s. i dropped gilroy 3. from santa cruz, there is just a lot of low clouds around. a westerly breeze is in place. low clouds, breezy cool, partly sunny, breezy, cool later on. you can see the system is falling apart. not only do we have the lower clouds underneath but the combination of the two give the low of cloud cover. 50s on the temperatures. it's a little chilly out there. more sun on wednesday, then cloud it up on thursday, light rain makes it but then cold air arrives on friday. that will take a cold windy
7:59 am
pattern. 7:57. there is a new face joining the richmond city council replacing a councilman who is very ill. why the decision last night to appoint a new councilmember is controversial. and this morning, pittsburg police have announced an arrest in connection with a hit-and- run crash last night that left a woman and two kids injured. we'll tell you how investigators were able to track down the driver so quickly. >> reporter: the most congested cities in america. we'll tell you how the bay area stacks up and who is worse off than we were when it comes to traffic. that story when "mornings on 2" continues. [ announcer 1 ] today's business travel challenge: redeeming a reward flight.
8:00 am
the other airlines versus southwest. [ starter's airhorn ] these executives have earned reward flights... [ announcer 2 ] they just need to pick a date. those other airlines never make it easy. oh, that's a great day to fly. ahh! he just got the blackout knockout!
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but here's the southwest solution! every date is available and so is every seat! this executive can't lose! he's a champ with rapid rewards. business travelers win with southwest! good morning. i want to take a look at bay bridge. >> it's starting to get better. usually in the 8:00 hour, things start to get better westbound. it's still backed up for a 15- minute delay. there's nothing more frustrating sitting in traffic and your commute can be costing you time and money. ktvu's tara moriarty is live to explain how long bay area drivers are spending behind the wheel and why that commute could take a bite out of your budget. >> reporter: good morning. we're here at 580 where it's
8:02 am
been pretty sluggish all morning long, since about 5:30. this is one of the most congested area. so many traffic hot spots that sal has been mentioning. researchers at the texas transportation institute used 30 years of traffic data to study how commuters track their travel plans when they have urgent appointments in highly traffic items. commuters gave themselves an hour time for a route that should have only taken them 20 minutes. 5.5le about extra hours spend in -- spent in traffic. and they bought 3 billion gallons of gas. for each driver it breaks down
8:03 am
to $818 per driver. washington, d.c. tops the list followed by los angeles, san francisco. but there's good news. experts say heavy traffic is a sign that the economy is rebounding and at least you don't live in d.c. where drivers have to set aside two hours to arrive on a trim that should only take 20 minutes. we're live in livermore, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:01. 90 minutes ago, we found out police made an arrest in that hit-and-run accident that injured a mother and two children in pittsburg. it happened last night on crestview drive. alex savidge is live with a photo of the suspect. >> reporter: good morning. this accused hit-and-run driver actually taken into custody just 45 minutes after last night's crash. a lieutenant i just talked with here at the pittsburg police department is crediting good witnesses who gave officers a
8:04 am
solid description of the man's car. i want to epshow you the booking photo of the man taken into custody. the man police was driving in the car. noe delgado of pittsburg. police say he's the registered owner of the car. investigators located his car near the crash scene and he was found walking nearby and matched witness descriptions. police believe he slammed into a woman and two children who were in a crosswalk on crestview drive. this crash happened just before 6:00 last night. police say the woman's 7-year- old daughter was on her bike and her 1-year-old nephew was in a stroller at the time of the accident. a lieutenant i talked with tells me everyone is expected to survive. he's certainly glad officers were able to track down the accused hit-and-run driver so quickly. >> it was a senseless incident. we were fortunate that we had witnesses there. our officers responded quickly to the scene. we were able to take him into
8:05 am
custody. that is at least the beginning of a closure. >> reporter: police don't think alcohol was involved in this accident and they also are not saying right now exactly how fast they believe the car was going when he hit the woman and the two kids. but the lieutenant we talked to says that area has seen its area of crashes. they will be looking at any safety measures that can be put in place to keep pedestrians safe in the future. this driver in custody right now facing felony hit-and-run urge chas. both kids -- hit and run charges. both kids in the accident have been released. the woman is still being treated. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. police in berkeley investigating that city's first homicide of the year. investigators say a 34-year-old man was shot near delaware and san pablo. no arrests have been made. but witnesses found several running from the scene.
8:06 am
the victim later die at the -- died at the hospital. san francisco firefighters are watching out for hot spots after two small fires at one san francisco bar. the crews rushed to the bliss bar on 24th street near castro about 8:30 last night. they found smoke coming from the building. that came seven hours after a small fire damaged the ground floor of that same bar. investigators say hot spots from the first bar rekindled and sparked the second one. it's still not clear how the second fire started. new this morning, a vacant seat on the richmond city council has now been filled. last night, at a special meeting, the council appointed myric to replace bell. a severe sinus infection has left him in a coma. the counsel voted in favor of
8:07 am
myric. he ran for the seat back in november but was not -- but was not among the top vote getters. >> are you surprised? >> i am surprised. i wash cautiously optimistic going into this. >> this move avoids a special election which would have cost the city $200,000. but some still argue that voters should decide the issue. myrick will be sworn in later today. a everyone waking about a popular childhood game we've all played. officials say two high school students in the los angeles area lost their fingers playing a game of tug-of-war. doctors will now try to reattach their fingers. it's not the first time that injuries from tug-of-war had been reported. a girl lost four fingers back in 2008 during a game in minnesota. and two men lost their arms in an accident in taiwan in 1997. well, a search for a
8:08 am
missing santa cruz county woman has apparently come to an end. the authorities recovered a woman's body from the san lorenzo river. investigators have still not confirmed if it's boughted -- if it's the body of guadalupe cortez. she was last seen swimming in the river sunday afternoon with two men. a water search was launched yesterday after one of the men reported her missing. authorities are not commenting onen a cause of deat -- are not commenting on a cause of death. five contractors have reported submitted bids for the first phase of the rail project. win or lose, all will be paid a $2 million stipend. while rare, these types of payments are not unheard of when it comes to major construction projects. this is in 0rd to attract more competitively-priced bids.
8:09 am
8:07. it's been relatively easy on you this morning. >> yeah. >> in some commutes, dave. others have been bad. the one that's not too bad. we're seeing improvement here. at 7:30. it was -- look at it. 25 minutes. look at it now -- i'm gonna be optimistic and say this is about eight minutes at the toll plaza. so that's much better than it was a little while ago. let's move on to 880. that's cleared up. we had problems on 880 near 238. if you are driving south between hayward and fremont, the drive time there has been pretty thick. it's about 30 minutes double what it should be really from 238 to mowry avenue. you heard tara doing that report on how traffic times can get the best of you. this is one of those examples. if we're looking at the oakland area, 880 north and southbound near the coliseum looks okay.
8:10 am
let's go to steve. >> a very good morning. mostly cloudy. pretty good fog bank for february. the system coming in is giving us higher clouds. it looks like it's breaking up the cloud. mostly cloudy, partly sunny. kind of cool 50s. we get a westerly breeze already in place from the golden gate out to the delta. morning fog tomorrow, i think it will be more patchy. mostly sunny and then we bring in a system thursday and friday. light rain. i know. but colder, especially on friday. speaking of colder, it will be cooler today for many. yesterday we did have some 60s. livermore rocketed up to 65. gilroy held at 60. that's 3 cooler than yesterday. santa cruz a little bit more in the way of clouds. west wind in place. this system coming in, you can see it's falling apart. it will give us a lot of high clouds. a little bit of rain made it up
8:11 am
in extreme northern california. crescent city, .14. this system doesn't do much. that's the break. that's the system coming in for thursday and i think that one will make it. oakland is 51. half moon bay, 50. you throw in the west wind it feels kind of cold. one system falls apart. this one has promise. the cold air is coming in. that will be here friday. mostly cloudy, pretty big fog bank for this time of year. that westerly breeze means temperatures are hard-pressed to warm up. temperatures low to mid, you have to be pretty far inland. too much in the way of fog. even santa cruz, half moon bay, -- half moon bay. san mateo, 55. a little bit less fog and more sun on wednesday. not bad. they cloud it up thursday into friday. some very light rain. i think that cold air will hit you. you will notice the friday into saturday and then a little bit
8:12 am
warmer on sunday -- warm he on sunday. a sonoma county woman facing charges that she killed her own money. sheriff deputies say she went to a neighbor's house yesterday morning and said someone had died. deputies found herself stabbed to death inside the home the two women shared. >> there was blood on her hands and her clothing. they went inside and found her mother, nancy, deceased inside the resident. >> police believe the two women got into an argument and julia phrasen became having and attacked -- franzen became violent and attacked her. police are investigating a home invasion last week. take a look at this picture. this man is described as a latino man, about 6 feet tall with thin build and a light complexion. the attack happened about 2:00 a.m.
8:13 am
last friday on mahoney drive in east san jose. police say the woman and her daughter were attacked before the suspect ransacked her home. police from around the u.s. and canada are gathering in sunnyvale today. they are attending the smile conference, social media, the internet and law enforcement. they will be trading ideas on houp to use social media to help fight -- on how to use social media to help fight crime. the conference runs from today until thursday. could congress be ready to vote to legalize marijuana? the legislation that's being introduced today. why business is booming at many bay area pancake houses this morning.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
mostly cloudy out there. a lot of low clouds. making a pretty strong surge inland. mostly cloudy, giving way to partly sunny. a westerly breeze. like a summertime pattern. highs in the 50s. there are new details about the mental state of an iraq war veteran accused of killing a former navy s.e.a.l. who claimed to be the best sniper in the iraq war. he was reportedly taken to a mental hospital in september after he threatened to kill his family and himself. he was also treated at the same mental hospital last month. officials say he claimed he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. he's been charged with murder in the shooting death of chris kyle and his friend, chad littlefield. soldiers suffering from this
8:17 am
disorder says the army needs to doer to -- to help them. the director says he's signed an order to treat them on the battlefield and at home. he made the announcement in washington state. psychiatrists have been accused of changing ptsd diagnosis so the army would not have to pay medical benefits. >> on the first step by which i ask for a report back before the end of february from the undersecretary of the vice cheap to present me with a plan by which we can make it a reality. >> he says he does not believe the reversal of ptsd diagnoses happened at other basis. a soldier from joint base lewis mcchord claims he was suffering from ptsd when he allegedly killed 16 afghan civilians. 8:15. later on today, we'll hear how two democrats in congress want
8:18 am
to change federal american laws. ktvu's kyla campbell is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom and kyla, you just spoke with someone who helped create these proposals. >> reporter: well, we're hear all of the details of the bill at 2:00 p.m. pacific. i just interviewed someone from the marijuana policy project. he worked directly with lawmakers bringing about those billions later today. steve fox is a lobbyist for the marijuana policy project. his group worked with the two democrats from oregon and colorado who created the bills. they would end federal marijuana prohibition and let states decide their own policies. now, fox says there are billions of dollars being wasted on marijuana prohib biggs. he says not only can the government save that money but generate the money from the growing and selling of marijuana much like the sale of could. fox believes it's only a matter of time before the federal government leaves it up to the state. >> what we think will be the real driver in congress is the
8:19 am
fact that states like colorado and washington have made marijuana legal and are setting up their own system of regulation and taxation. >> reporter: he believes a handful of states will be voting to legalize marijuana for social use over the next few years. until then, he hopes the proposals we hear today get support on capitol hill. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. also expect a medical marijuana debate here in california to heat up. today, the california supreme court is due to hear arguments on whether local governments can ban retail pot dissensories despite the law -- for medical use. joe biden is in london for a meeting with david -- david
8:20 am
cameron. the visit is the last type on biden's european tour which also included france and germany. former governor jeb bush will be in the bay area. he's scheduled to speak at the paramount theater. this is part of the oakland speaker series. some analysts consider him a possible candidate for the presidential presidential nomination -- presidential nomination in 2016. ihop is searching free pancakes for a good cause -- serving free pancakes for a good cause. ihops want customers to come in and enjoy a short stack of pancakes but in exchange they want you to make a donation for the children's miracle network hospital which includes oakland's network hospital. >> you may have to wait a little bit to get your free shortstack but we'll get it to you. >> the restaurant hopes to match last year's $3 million that was raised. pancakes will be given out
8:21 am
until 10:00 tonight. one of the biggest natural frozen foodmakers in the company is about to open a fast food restaurant in sonoma county. amy's kitchen just bought the land to open a sit-down and drive-thru restaurant right near the rohnert in and out burler near redwood drive. the menu, fresh vegetarian burgers, burritos, pizzas and salads with made with organic produce from local growers. 8:19. a plan to redevelop san francisco's market street could affect mission street as well. officials are considering a plan to ban buses on mission street and move them to market instead. officials say moving buses from mission to market would create a faster commute for bus riders and improve safety for cyclists. the $350 million better market street project is intended to make san francisco's main street a transit corridor and more attractive to pedestrians
8:22 am
and tourists. bay area visitors to kauaiia can save a -- kauai can save a dog's life. most dogs are hunting dogs for airedale mixed treats. alaska airlines will bring them to the bay area if an air traveler states a dog is accompanying them on the flight. the shelter provides the crate, does the paperwork and pays fee. so far 12 dogs have been stance pored and already -- have been transported and already have homes. >> that's great. well, believe it or not, san francisco is one stip closer to host, the super bowl -- to hosting the super bowl. 57 steve paulson will be back to -- and steve paulson will be back to tell us more about the weather. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
8:23 am
8:24 am
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8:25 am
right now, the 49ers getting ready to clean out their lockers after coming up just a few yards short in the super bowl. but in just a few months, the bay area will find out if it will host the super bowl. the 49ers' new stadium in santa clara is on track to open in time for the 2014 season. and the bay area is now locked in a high stakes battle with
8:26 am
florida to land super bowl l in 2016. nfl team owners are scheduled to make their decision on may 21st. the big game would bring big bucks to the bay area. >> anywhere from $150 million to $300, total economic impact to the region that they are holding the super bowl. we think that will happen here, too. >> 49ers want the nfl owners to know there's no possibility of a super bowl blackout like the one in new orleans sunday night. the 9ers say the state of the art facility will have its own power plants and electricity system. ed lee wants the city to host the olympic games one day. he says he wants to create a permanent, nonprofit group focused on bringing major sporting events to san francisco. now, he got the idea after the city ran into rod blocks raising money for the america's cup yacht race. the proposed nonprofit would
8:27 am
establish a permanent source of funding and help ease the transition of bidding and hosting events. we get to check in with sal once again. >> all right. this morning, we have a little wit of a -- bit of a trouble spot on o'shauniecy drive -- o'shaughnessy drive. today you might want to go down to monterey or use a different route. let's move along to live pictures. bay bridge, that's better, westbound coming up to the toll plaza. maybe a two-minute delay. it was at one point almost 30 minutes. we're way better than we were. if we're also looking at the south bay, 237 improving a little bit but still congested heading west towards danker road. let's go to steve. >> sal. >> yes. >> i think we are better than we were at 4:25.
8:28 am
>> yes. >> there was a train there and it made it through finally. thank you. we have a lot of low clouds in place and higher clouds but overall, it's kind of a west wind. a little chilly out there. summer pattern in february. what the heck is going on? 40s on the temperatures for most. there were a few 30s up in lake county. the system will just fall apart and drag across a lot of high clouds. we'll see if it has enough oomph to wipe out the fog bank. 50s on the highs. very, very cool. i think tomorrow, we get patchy fog, sunny, and then a system bringing rain, which has been rare, sudden a -- should arrive thursday. i think it's a colder system than anything else. a little boy in alabama, reunited with his family after a nearly week-long hostage ordeal. we are gonna take you live to alabama next. we'll get an update on the boy's condition and that continuing investigation. a gun store in los gatos
8:29 am
has only been open two months and keeps on attracting controversy. we'll tell you what it has prompted the town to do. and the 49ers are back home. we'll tell you about the event taking place as wellals the team's offseason. [ male announcer ] are you a business traveler
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of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now best foods mayonnaise is just $2.77. so pile it on. pizza is served. digiorno pizza is just $3.88. and here's a treat. dreyer's ice cream is only $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. welcome back. in alabama, a little boy is back with his mother after being held hostage for almost a week. authorities moved in to rescue him after negotiations with a gunman stalled. our reporter is in alabama now to tell us why investigators are saying this is far from
8:32 am
over. >> reporter: what we're learning this morning is the psychological stage of jimmy lee dykes had really begun to deteriorate in the last 48 hours. we just learned that police put a camera inside the bunker so they could watch what was happening and they made the decision late yesterday afternoon that they actually had to attempt a -- absolutely had to attempt a rescue. this is the picture the entire community prayed for, 5-year- old ethan, safe, where he was reunited with his family being wheeled to the hospital. >> remarkable little fellow. >> reporter: authorities rescued him in midland city, alabama, in an underground bunker where he was held hostage for nearly a week. >> he's laughing, joking, eating. >> reporter: negotiations with jimmy lee dykes broke down yesterday and investigators say he took him off a school bus on
8:33 am
tuesday after killing a bus driver. dykes was believed to be armed inside his bunker. for ethan's safety, the authorities stormed the retreat. >> i heard a big boom and then shots. >> reporter: give us a sense. how loud of a boom. >> very loud. it made me jump off the ground. >> reporter: officials are not reloosing many details but they say dykes was shot and killed. investigators have many days ahead of them. and the little boy has a long road ahead of him. >> i think we should keep certain things as normal as possible, his favorite games, music, food. try to keep him anchored in the before. >> reporter: now, every night since this tragedy began, this town has held a candlelight
8:34 am
vigil youngil. tonight they -- a candlelight vigil. tonight they are holding a candlelight celebration. back to you. >> thank you. 8:32. a recently opened gun store in los gatos continues to generate debate among the community. ktvu's janine de la vega is in los gatos and says the issue is over the current zoning rules. you just spoke to one of the store employees. what did you learn? >> reporter: well, i did. that employee says they want to be as open and transparent as they can. this store has only been opened for the past two months. people have their bash passionate about it -- have their passionate about it. the packed town hall meeting lasted until midnight. the conk discussed whether to -- the council discussed whether to tighten up the policies. this is temp lar sports on university avenue. last night hundreds packed the chamber to voice their opinions
8:35 am
on templar sports and right now the town has no restrictions regarding gun sales. it just follows state and federal law. but people's outrage over the gun store opening has prompted los gatos to see whether it should tighten policies. so the town is ee-- is debating whether to change that. some people are passionate and don't want gun stores near schools or where their children are, others say all of this discussion comes too late. >> i think they should have thought about that before they let them open it right here. i don't see the problem here. that's the thing. they -- they should be allowed to hope and they shouldn't have any -- open and they shouldn't have any problems. whatever is gonna be see sided is gonna be decide -- decided at the council is gonna be decided. but i don't think why it should change. >> reporter: the owners are concerned about the future of
8:36 am
their business. it took them a year to get applications and approval to run its business. their lawyer is closely watching how the town council proceeds on this issue. we were told by that employee that not everybody got to voice their opinion. there was still some people left who needed to speak. so the council decided to table the issue until next week. so everybody could have their way and then come up with a decision on what they are gonna decide to do. not necessaryley on templar sports because they are still allowed to keep their business here but if they decide to expand or another store wants to come in and conduct business. that's how any future ordinances or laws would affect it. reporting live from los gatos, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. meanwhile, president obama is urging the public to put pressure on congress to pass tougher gun control measures. the president took his message on the road to minneapolis. he heard a gun violence
8:37 am
discussion. the president repeated his call for universal background checks. >> the vast majority of americans, including a majority of gun owners support requiring criminal background checks for anyone trying to buy a gun. >> the white house says president obama chose to make his remarks in minneapolis because of the city's successful gun violence prevention effort. 8:35. police in vallejo investigating the city's first homicide of the year. it's a story we first broke yesterday right here on "mornings on 2." police say a man who had been shot investigator times was found on the sidewalk near borgeous lane and evelyn circle. so far no, arrests have been made. if you have any information, call vallejo police. a vigil is planned in fairfield for a 13-year-old girl whose body was found in a park last week. the memorial for her is growing where her body was found. police say she was strangled. yesterday, grief counselors
8:38 am
were at her school helping other students cope with the loss. their quest for a sixth super bowl ring came up a few yards short. 49ers are now getting read why i to clear out their -- ready to clear out their lockers. brian flores is live from the team headquarters in san francisco. a lot of people are saying they are feeling pretty good about next season. >> reporter: yes. they started to arrive 25, 30 minutes ago. they will be clearing out their lockers today as well as taking part in a few other events. this is the first time i've been at the team facility. this is that huge stadium. the team has -- this is a huge stadium. the team has a lot to look forward to. the team arrived from the big easy yesterday afternoon to adoring fans. they will arrive here at 9:00 and they will hold one last
8:39 am
team meeting with coach jim harbaugh and they will hold a press conference as well sometime around 11:00. what an amazing ride. the team doing well under alex smith and then colin kaepernick, he makes this amazing run of leads leading them into the super bowl where they were just yards away from perhaps winning the whole thing. but a lot of questions, players will be spending time in the offseason. what will the team look like next year, especially with the questions surrounding alex smith. but definitely an offseason. again, there will be a press conference around 11:00 today. we'll have a full report coming up on the news at noon with sal castanedo. for now, from the 49ers team facility, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you, brian. the 49ers may not have won the super bowl but fans will get a consolation prize. the sweet treat that one company says will mask the bitter taste of defeat that's at 8:511. everyone can get a free
8:40 am
pizza slider between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. you can try pizza hut's slider. it's about the size of one slice of pizza. after the giveaway boxes will come in slices. and then we have the free pancakes. >> i'm tempted. >> i'll be walking right behind sal. we know -- >> dave, you and i can be on a competition eating team. what do you think? >> i think we could win. >> absolutely. good morning, everything. dave and i are always talking about -- good morning, everyone. dave and i are always talking about food. you will see some slow traffic. it will take you a little bit. although it's improving in case you have the luxury of waiting around. i always wonder who those people are. there are people like that. it's a little bit better than it was and it will get better
8:41 am
after 9:30 through the corridor. the bay bridge toll plaza has improved. forge, last hour at this time, it was -- for example, last hour at this time, it was about 30 minutes. now it's 5,p minute -- 7 minutes getting into the toll plaza. i want to he show you san francisco, i've drawn an arrow on o'shaughnessy drive. if you want to get to the glenpark b.a.r.t. station, you have to use monterey. o'shaughnessy is not an on the/now according to police -- is not an option according to police. a summertime pattern, low clouds and fog, last week, the coast was clear. completely reversed everything around. i tell ya, we could use some rain. there will be some coming in thursday and friday. there's a possibility maybe after the 19th and 20th, there's signs. i know it's a while out. mostly cloudy, cool, and then
8:42 am
tomorrow, i think we will get some patchy fog. we will get some cold air and light rain coming in thursday and friday. inland temperatures did warm um. coastal temperatures cold down -- cooled down. gilroy, 63. santa cruz, 63. mainly upper 50s. although i kept one 60 in there. that was for gilroy. it's dieing on the vine as we say. it's -- when they topple over like that, they are done. 40s on the temperatures to intoer 50. a lot warmer for most. there were some 40s to the north. low clouds, and the higher clouds coming in. usually they come out of the going, they don't have a lot of moisture to work with but they pack a lot of cold air. tuesday morning, low clouds, put some drizzle in thatter -- in there. there could be a little around the north. ale coulder air mass comes in. west wind is in place -- a cooler air mass comes in. kind of a cool pattern. we really flip-flopped the aern
8:43 am
it compared to last week -- pattern compared to last week. we'll get some light rain out of this. not a lot. .10 to .25. i think that will do it. windy, cool on. 19 minutes before 9:00. new this morning, lindsey von has been airlifted to a hospital after an accident in austria. it happened early this morning during the opening day of thial pine skying world championships -- of the alpine skiing world championships. she was treated on the slopes and then taken to the hospital. there is an interesting message going out to california business leaders why the governor of texas is trying to get them to move to the lone star state. ur. and pittsburg police this morning announced an arrest in a hit-and-run crash that left a
8:44 am
woman and two kids injured. we'll tell you how police were able to find the driver so fast when "mornings on 2" continues. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals.
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fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. fiber one. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate.
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♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate. stock market jumping following a surge in home prices and new signs of
8:47 am
strength in europe's economy. the dow gained 149 points, rising above 14,000 for the first time since 2007. but yesterday it fell 129 points. the worse selloff of the year so far. right now you can see it's up 109 at 13,989. still below 14,000 and the nasdaq up 30. s&p 13. the u.s. government is suing standard & poor's and its parent company mcgraw-hill over mortgage bond ratings that led to the housing market meltdown it's the first federal action taken over a credit federal agency. the government is seeking financial penalties from standard & poor's. which state is the best for doing business? the governor of texas says it is the lone star state. ktvu's pam cook is in our
8:48 am
newsroom with a push he's making to get business to move from the -- and give the cold, hard facts. >> governor rick perry is known for visiting california to try to lure businesses into moving to texas. his new radio campaign says taxes are better in texas. this is rick perry. i have a lesson for california businesses come out check out texas. >> the chief economist of point loma university in san diego says texas still outtaxes california because it has a higher sales tax and higher property tax. another economist adds that california outspends texas suggesting that texas underinvests in things like education, healthcare, infrastructure and the
8:49 am
environment. now, jerry brown responded to governor perry from a business event in los angeles. he says "do you think a few tricks from a politician is going to make any difference? people invest their money where these big things have occurred. the ideas, the structures, the climate, the opportunity is right here on the pacific rim." many would agree it's no wonder texas is going after california businesses. we have some of the best and the best known in the world. i'm pam cook, back to tori and dave. let's bring you up to date on some. top stories we're following -- some of the top stories we're following right now. in washington, d.c. today, congress is considering possible changes to the federal marijuana laws. right now, president obama is hosting meetings at the white house on immigration reform. the president is hearing from
8:50 am
immigration supporters, labor leaders and the ceos of major companies. and the police in pittsburg have a suspect in custody now after last night's hit-and-run crash that injured a mother and two children. alex savidge is on the scene and has new information about the victims and the suspects. >> reporter: the hit-and-run driver killed his car near the -- ditched his car near the crash scene. officers spotted him walking another and took him into custody. a police lieutenant here at the pittsburg police department told me a short time ago, there were several good witnesses who actually helped out here during this investigation. i want to show you the booking photo of 24-year-old noe delgado who was taken into custody just 45 minutes after this crash last night. police say he's the registered owner of the car that was involved in the accident. police believe delgado slammed into a woman and two children
8:51 am
who were in a crosswalk on crestview drive and drove off. this crash was just before 6:00 last night. police say the woman's 7-year- old daughter was on her bike, her 11-year-old nephew in a stroller when they were hit. everyone suffered nonlife- threatening injuries. investigators are not saying exactly why that driver left the scene but police credit those witnesses with leading officers to the abandoned car. >> he was a short distance away from that vehicle. he matched the physical description. he was positively identified by witnesses on scene and he was arrested and brought to the station. >> reporter: that driver now in custody facing felony hit -- hit-and-run charges. the kids have been released from the hospital. the woman who was hurt is still being treated at the hospital. police at this point are not sayling exactly host that driver was going. a lieutenant i talked with says crestview drive is known for
8:52 am
crashes and the department moving forward will be be looking at any -- will be looking for any safety measures they can put in the area to keep pedestrians safe. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. a 17-year-old girl from santa rosa is one of two teenagers named the top youth volunteers of the year in california by the prudence spirit of community awards -- prudential spirit of community awards. she was honored for creating threads of teens. she collects donated clothing puts them in a boutique and allows low-income teenaged girls to go shopping who are referred by social workers. allison will receive $1,000 and an all expense paid trip to washington, d.c. and will join 1100 -- 100 other volunteers from all over the america. the three-day meeting with
8:53 am
the boy scouts kicked off with the delivery of a petition with 1.4 million signatures calling for an end on the ban on gay scouts and scouting leaders. scouting executives are weighing a plan to allow individual troops to make the decision on whether to allow gay members. >> i don't want one parent to have to sell their son they don't be part of the scouts because they are not good enough. >> a decision on the ban is likely to come tomorrow. the battle over gay marriage moves to great britain. the law is expected to pass. many conservative lawmakers support the church of england's decision that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. supporters say it's wrong to exclude people from marriage simply because they love someone of the same sex. don't need to remind you that the 49 -- but the 49ers did not win the super bowl but thatter is a consolation prize
8:54 am
for you fans. congratulations, san francisco. you might not be getting a troughy but you will be getting -- trophy but you will be getting a cup of pudding. >> niner fans can get free chocolate jell-o but -- jell-o pudding. the jell-o will be given out at the civic center b.a.r.t. station and at the chinatown station at 9:30. it will be available at broadway and columbus. >> not a trophy but a cup. a new hearing on the khan vau leavey murder case. what the media wants from the judge overseeing the case. good morning. if you are driving on 880 there is still a little bit of slow traffic you have to deal with.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
it was just a brilliant site. >> talking about a humpback whale crashing into a mexican boat. the boat almost sank. this happened about a mile from the mexican coast. the boat was slightly damaged you -- damaged but luckily no one was hurt. a judge in washington, d.c. will hold a hearing tomorrow on a media request of access to future proceedings in the khan vau leavey case. she was the intern from modesto
8:58 am
who disappeared in 2001 and who remains were found at a d.c. park a year earlier. a man was convicted of her murder in 2010. the judge has recently held two closed door hearings on this case but won't say what they are about. several media groups have asked for transcripts of those hearings and to be able to attend future hearings. requested denied in the question to delay the trial for the man accused of killing trayvon martin. this is george zimmerman in court. his attorneys want the trial pushed back to november. but the original date stands on june 10th. today would have been tray vonn's 18th -- trayvon's 18th birthday. today's ticket tuesday. one lucky viewer will win a family four pack to any weekday showing at the hp pavilion or the oracle. "dare to dream" has the sparkle
8:59 am
of your favorite disney princesses. for your chance to win go to ktvu before midnight and put in the secret word "tiara." let's check in with sal and see how things are moving. >> things are doing okay. there are no major problems. although you will see some slow traffic heading north on 880 getting um to the coliseum. it stays that way until 23rd. bay bridge is light, much better than normal. you might want to take advantage of getting into the city right now. let's go to steve. >> mostly cloudy. a couple of [there -- couple of breaks there. temperatureps 0. the -- on the cool side 50s. colder on friday and windy and cool on saturday. >> all right, steve. that's our report for this morning. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> be sure to watch the noon news for more on the 49ers. they are officially cleaning out their lockers to


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